Solutions for your garden

Design, Planning, Implementation and Maintenance of Japanese Gardens

Japanese garden in Kyoto

We provide full services with regard to your garden - from design up to maintenance:


You are welcome to only make use of single services - depending on your vision and your situation. Don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to consulting you. Contact


We design private gardens, company areas as well as public and semi-public open spaces - both in classical Japanese or timeless modern style. We also deal with particular situations such as entry areas, rooftop gardens, inner yards, winter gardens etc. We either design new areas or redesign existing places cautiously.


Japanese garden design: consultation

We invite you to clarify the framework of your Japanese garden in a counselling session: your basical wishes or visions regarding the garden, preferences to a particular garden style (tea garden, contemplation garden, etc.), or particular design elements, demands with regard to the intended use of the garden, possibilities of ecological, technical and financial implementation as well as the required expenditure of time and money regarding the maintenance. Together we develop the ideas for your garden design that will be translated into a sketch.

I recommend to have the counselling session held on-site. This allows to get the best impression about house and garden (space and visual relations between interior and exterior and to the surrounding, existing planting, topography), about local conditions (soil and water conditions, light conditions, etc.) and the possibilities of implementation.


Japanes garden planning

In the planning stage the design ideas are concretised and translated into a plan true to scale. Besides the intrinsic draft plan (on a scale of 1:50 to 1:100) further documents can be compiled such as:

  • Planting plan and planting list with the German and botanical terms as well as the amount and quality of the required plants
  • Elaboration of variants
  • Elaboration of perspective drawings for better special visualisation
  • Elaboration of details
  • Planning of execution etc.

Japanese garden planning

Japanese garden planning: Perspective illustration of a Japanese garden in an estate of terraced houses


Implementation of Japanese gardens: construction and site-management

We offer the implementation and construction of your Japanese garden. Depending on the situation we work together with partner companies or local firms, according to your wishes also with firms that you have placed your confidence in.

We offer both the complete implementation or only partial services such as artistical site-management, stone setting, shaping of woody plants or gates, fences and privacy shields from bamboo or wood, design of scoop basins (Tsukubai) etc.

Japanese garden implementation: stone placement

Japanese garden implementation: stone placement

Implementation of Japanese gardens: Placement of a 15 ton weighing stone in a Japanese garden in Karlsruhe


Maintenance of Japanese gardens for development and upkeeping of Japanese gardens and garden bonsais

A Japanese garden requires maintenance to develop optimally. In particular, topiarized woody plants demand a specific, proper and continuous upkeeping. We offer maintenance for development and upkeeping of garden bonsais, topiarized woody plants and Japanese gardens. We also restore - if possible - Japanese gardens and topiarized woody plants that have missed proper maintenance for quite some time.

Japanese garden and maintenance of a bonsai

Maintenance of Japanese gardens: Maintenance of the bonsais in the Japanese garden in Westpark, Munich (former area of the IGA).(


Design of Japanese gardens: assistance in the acquisition of design elements of Japanese gardens, topiarized woody plants (garden bonsais)

Japanese garden elements: stone lantern

Design of Japanese gardens: acquisition of a valuable stone lantern from Japan for a Japanese garden in Germany.

Besides the overall concept, the quality of Japanese gardens depends on the materials used. There are big differences. It can be very time-consuming to come across the best source of supply. We provide you assistance with the decision or take on business of search and selection of e.g. topiarized woody plants, garden bonsais, stones, stone lanterns, scoop basins etc. In particular cases we can offer you assistance with the supply of original Japanese (historical) design elements such as stone basins or stone lanterns (imports from Japan).
As we do not sell own products or plants, we guarantee you independence on the interests of third parties. We feel only obliged towards you as our client.